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World TarotThe World. The key concept for this card is a mark or cross that has equal arms. A cross is sometimes used in place of a signature. Therefore, it takes on this meaning also. The symbology here is cosmic consciousness, which is the final seal of the great work here represented. At this point, we have gained control over ourselves and our environment. Right decisions are now natural, and the One Power becomes the central reality in our lives. Saturn rules key 21. The Saturn center at the base of the spine, called the sacral plexus, is a storehouse of excess energy left from each day's activities. Saturn has been considered a malefic; however, it can help build for the future if one uses the energies in the sacral plexus for constructive action.

In mythology, Saturn was the father or the god who ate his children; this means that the cosmic consciousness swallows up all lesser consciousnesses. The bull, lion, eagle and man represent the four fixed signs of the zodiac and indicate that the laws of the universe are fixed and orderly. The wreath in the form of a zero or egg or seed is that from which all things issue forth. This is the divine power. The dancing figure is androgynous, a unity of opposite polarities; however, the veil hides this fact, showing that cyclicity also brings about this androgynous state. The figure stands on air, self-supported and perfectly balanced.

This picture represents the dance of life, which is never ending. 21/3 is a new heaven and a new earth or a new mind and a new body. When we have renewed ourselves through study and practice, the old order will change. New plans and a new outlook will prevail.

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