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Temperance TarotKey 14 Temperance. The keyword corresponding to this card is sustenance or establishment. You should establish the foundations of your belief system through proof or verification. The keywords verification and wrath show that the desire to find the truth surfaces from within, through wrath (not temper, but strong and stern anger). This process tempers one's soul, just as steel is tempered. We become balanced by choosing the middle path between the extremes of action.

Sagittarius rules key 14. The arrow of concentration of the fiery life force brings about the manifestation of the higher ideals, which leads to elevated states of consciousness.

The androgynous angel is a perfect blending of polar-opposites, of male and female. It is an angel of the Sun, the life force, as shown by the solar disk on the forehead. The red wings depict the fiery nature aspiring to higher consciousness.

The pool and the earth represent the subconscious and conscious minds, on which the angel maintains a perfect balance. The mountain peaks symbolize attainment of wisdom and understanding. The crown in glory over them represents the culmination of the great

This key teaches you to verify your destiny as a manipulator of the life power, the Kundalini. This should be verified by actual practice and testing until you feel the presence within.

People With Attitude Number 14/5

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