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Strength TarotKey 8 Strength. The keyword for this card is the card of the serpent. The serpent represents the kundalini, or life force, which, in undeveloped persons lies coiled three and a half times at the base of the spine. This force must be elevated, to transform the individual into a more spiritually-oriented person. All transformations in nature are specialized manifestations of this kundalini force.

The only two numbers that can be written over and over without ending are 8 and 0. As such, they represent divine power. The number 8 represents material power as well.

In key 8, we direct this life force through suggestion. The woman is the subconscious mind controlling body functions and directing the amounts of vital force that the body receives. She also receives and acts upon suggestions from the conscious mind. Her dominion over the lion is through gentle and spiritual power rather than by brute force.

The roses around the woman and the lion form a chain. Roses, representing a desire, must be tended and properly cared for. In this context, a chain of roses is a series of cultivated desires. Any suggestion emanating from a desire sets up a chain reaction in the subconscious that eventually results in the manifestation. The cosmic lemniscate (figure-8-shaped curve) over her head gives her dominion in this world.

People With Attitude Number 8

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