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Lovers TarotThe Lovers is an obvious reference to partnership and marriage, the union of opposite but complementary components. The keyword is discrimination. When we discriminate, we set apart and separate in order to see the innate differences between two categories. In this manner, we can tell the true from the false.

All creatures, including humans, have their unique odor. This is especially important in the animal kingdom; mating, self-protection and preservation all depend upon a keen sense of smell. People discriminate through the sense of smell, which is, therefore, an attribute of key 6.

The two human figures represent opposing factors of the one Source, Adam and Eva (her name in the original manuscripts), male and female, positive and negative, and the conscious and subconscious minds. These two specialized manifestations of the one life force must become equalized before attaining unity. The male, or conscious mind, looks to the female, or the subconscious mind, which in turn gazes up at the angel, or the super-conscious. Only through this step-by-step process can we reach our source and draw upon its power and inspiration.

The tree behind Adam symbolizes the signs of the zodiac. The flames on the left of the tree trunk symbolize the five senses, and those on the right symbolize the body and the original planets.

Behind Eva is the Tree of Knowledge. The serpent in the tree, the kundalini force, gives them the power to create. When the kundalini is trapped in the lower center of the body, at or near the base of the spine, only the senses are fulfilled. One must raise the kundalini, or life force, up the spine to the higher centers in the head so that the life force can be expressed on a loftier plane.

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