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Justice TarotKey 11 Justice. Teaching, education and guidance come under key 11, which seeks to bring about balance through justice. The scales here also symbolize the doctrine of karma-work, action and reaction, the law of cause and effect. The outstanding lesson of key 11 is to weigh the meaning of present conditions and achieve balance by overcoming the errors of the past.

Use the sword of discrimination to eliminate mistaken thoughts. Libra rules here also and shows us that we communicate only through the seventh house of cooperation and the principle of love. Libra rules the kidneys, the organs of elimination that maintain the chemical balance of the body. Through elimination of the poisonous toxins in our lives, we ensure a balanced life.

The scales represent balance. There are seven straight lines of equal length in the scales, representing the seven centers in the body, and the seven original planets-Mercury (key 1), Moon (key 2), Venus (key 3), Jupiter (key 10), Mars (key 16), Sun (key 19) and Saturn (key 21).

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