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High Priestess

High Priestess TarotThe High Priestess symbolizes the subconscious mind, the receptive, reproductive and form-building power within the human organism. The curtain behind the figure connects the two pillars of light and darkness. As the balancing power between pairs of opposites, she has no preference for either and merely awaits the concentrated effort of the conscious mind. The cup-shaped crescent Moon depicts the receptiveness and retentiveness of the subconscious mind.

All memory, universal and personal, is recorded on the High Priestess's scroll, which is partially hidden because all is not yet known God has more to reveal. The cubic stone of truth upon which she sits represents the principles of order on which the subconscious must function for perfect fulfillment. The white cross represents the proper use of the four implements on the Magician's table. The conscious mind formulates ideas which the subconscious accepts as suggestions and then sets about to make them realities in an orderly, progressive fashion.

The High Priestess is the connecting link to the subconscious through which we must pass in order to use our conscious potential, thus calling into play the powers of the Magician, the conscious mind.

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