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Death TarotKey 13 Death. The keywords corresponding to this card are fish, fish's mouth, or mouth of the uterus. This symbol suggests reproduction and birth, not necessarily into this world but rather a rebirth of the consciousness into higher planes. In the time of Christ, the fish symbol represented those who lived in a Christlike way.

The number 13 is sacred as is every multiple of 13. It connotes an initiate or one who is reborn through the mental powers of transmutation. There are twelve disciples; Jesus was the thirteenth; there are twelve zodiacal signs with the Sun at the center. Number 13 is preserved in the measurements of the Great Pyramid.

Astrologically, this card is ruled by Scorpio, which governs the reproductive organs, birth, death and transmutation. The skeleton is the figure of Death, which comes to all: king, man, woman and child, without respect for the station. He rides astride a well-behaved white horse, a symbol of the purified desires and senses in submission to the cyclical rhythm.

However, the brilliantly shining sun between the towers in the distance promises eternal life. The life force does not die, but merely changes form.

People With Attitude Number 13/4

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