Sasha Czack
Jack Of Clubs
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Sasha Czack

American screenwriter
Birthday: July 17, 1950
Birth Card: Jack Of Clubs
Life Path: 39/12/3   Attitude: 24/6
Alexandra Jane Czack has studied at Notre Dame. She is the first wife of Hollywood star Sylvester Stallone.

Sasha Czack can be called an actress, screenwriter and director. In all her three professions, she has not done much. If you wanted to watch movies with this actress, the selection is not great.

In the world of cinema Sasha was noticed for a cameo in Rocky III and for her work in the TV series “Love of Life” in which played the role of Jane. As a director and screenwriter she made a little-known short film “Long Lost Love”.

Sasha Czack Personal Life

Sasha Czack and Sylvester StalloneSasha Czack and Sylvester Stallone were married for 11 years (from 1974 to 1985). They have two children together.
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