Joe Vitale
Ace Of Hearts
Birthday Card

Joe Vitale

American author
Birthday: December 30, 1953
Birth Card: Ace Of Hearts
Life Path: 60/6   Attitude: 42/6
They call him The Worlds First Hypnotic Marketer.

Hypnotic, because the writing style he uses grabs you, sucks you in to it's mesmerizing pull... and forces you to read every word of what lays in front of you.

Marketer, because he's one of the greatest marketers of all times - consistently writing and implementing record breaking marketing strategies for himself, and his trusted clients.

Combine the two - hypnotic and marketer - and you hold the solution to one of the biggest problems in advertising today. People are inundated with marketing and advertising messages... some say upwards of 4,000 messages we are subjected to throughout an average day. Dr Vitale has a golden way of being that one piece of writing that you read, and take action on, out of those 4,000.

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