Two Of Diamonds

Two of DiamondsTwos represent Union - the Father-Mother Principle, and so stands for cooperation and associations. It is vital for the Two Of Diamonds to be given a good start. There should be someone when they are young to support, advise and encourage.

The Two of Diamonds have a gift of intuition, and if used, they don't make mistakes in life. If principles are held, the success is assured, even though there is always some concern about money, as in the case of all cards in a Diamond suit. The Two of Diamonds birth card is the best for physicians because they can diagnose very well, using their gift of intuition. If not concerned with medicine, they have a high power of healing - whether or not it recognized or used.

The Two of Diamonds always seeks a way to communicate and cooperate with people, through messaging and phone calls, or interviews. Internet networking, blogging, marketing can become a successful business strategy. There is a power available in any activity they choose, - a position of leadership and authority, extending to social life. Like diamonds, they know what things and people are worth, and they choose their companions and partners through their understanding of values.

The Two of Diamonds are positive and confident. They don't scream or yield to an argument. They may become overly satisfied with their life situation, so they forget to work on principles that give them a key to higher accomplishments.

The Two of Diamonds need some definite form of expression that will bring out their real worth and allow to use it for the universal benefit. They make excellent traders and merchants.

It is a very favorable influence in real estate deals, especially land, farms, etc. The Two of Diamonds are highly successful in investments. But in any occupation they choose, the position of authority usually acquired. They have an unusual ability to deal with personnel and any labor problems.
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