Two Of Clubs

Two of ClubsTwo represents Union - the Father-Mother principle, male and female, light and darkness, action and reaction, and so stands for cooperation and associations. Two of Clubs seek union in congenial Mind.

Two of Clubs have a successful life path. A brilliant mind supports their quick and talented tongue suggesting that they can more than hold their ground in any debate or exchange of wit. There is always great interest in people and natural curiosity regarding their emotional life. Two of Clubs are impulsive and hot-headed. They tend to make fast conclusions, and the first reaction is always on the opposite side of the argument. They never lack for an answer and very positive in their opinions. Mental power implies the opportunity to demonstrate leadership qualities, suggesting that they can excel in almost anything they try to do.

Two of Clubs often have some artistic or dramatic talent. They can make good money with writing, ideas, instruction. They are easygoing, transient lovers. They are attracted to successful people and like to feel satisfied.

Two of Clubs have a fortunate ground to achieve exceptional success and be well rewarded materially. They know how to get most out of commerce, for they know how to find the weak spots in others. They are responsible and are willing to work hard. They are often well recognized in middle age. They usually like their work and inject some fundamental and practical improvement. Friends are helpful and can become business partners.

Two of Clubs children must be taught not fear their parent's displeasure; not to conceal their feelings; not to feel that the whole world is against them and that there is no must to strike the first blow and fight it. Their soul wants divine wisdom; their hearts desire cooperation. They should not be afraid of "dark." It is known, that Two of Clubs fear the divine knowledge, but once they recognize their inner strength (usually after forty) they start seeking the things of the "higher mind," and many of them become involved in secret societies, and attaining a high position. They need an outlet for their rare abilities - a talent cultivated or a hobby enjoyed.
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