Three Of Diamonds

Three of DiamondsAll Threes inhibit the creative drive that seeks expression. Number 3 departures from the Number 2 - the source of balance and harmony, and so it's always looking to find this balance in creating something new. There is an urge in self-expression and variety. The prime concern is more likely to pertain in the realm of values. But what is affecting Three Of Diamonds judgments and attitudes is the symbol of Divine Wisdom that marks the central point of the mind. Security is very important, and at the same time their quest for freedom and exploration of the world adds extreme diversity into their character and keeps them on the road of uncertainty.

At the one end of the spectrum of possibilities, the Three Of Diamonds indicates bright, creative personality. On the other - they are often confused and worrisome. They are always trying to gain the whole world, suppressing their fear to jeopardize their soul in the process. Aspiration gives way to ambition, and their drive for material security can help to acquire great wealth. Intuitive mentality can be very useful in careers involved handling of money. A tendency to become anxious under restrictive regulations suggests to choose occupations and activities which will allow the natives of this card to enjoy a sense of freedom. They find the best success in people related activities.

The Three of Diamonds possesses desire for Truth and great potential in spiritual teaching, but it is not always sought beyond the limits of expediency. Among them, there is a full realization that they are but agents and trustees of whatever gifts they have and that their minds must always be kept on a higher levels in order to receive direction and inspiration that will not fail them. Some sort of unhappiness in early childhood usually related to parents may create very serious outlook of life. Or there might be something like a heavy religious experience, which may seem so suppressive that they have rebelled. If there is not call for higher wisdom, there is a high possibility that they can become very secretive in communications and even serve in secret agencies.

Many Three Of Diamonds become actors, writers, politicians (especially those who born on August 10). Very flexible and creative, inventive and energetic, they are passionate to explore the world of possibilities and eager to add new creations to the world. Business or occupation related to travel and the wide variety of action is the best fit and brings great financial benefits. They are not created for any sorts of routine that kills their enthusiasm through boredom. In business, they should seek associates among powerful and influential friends. Working in harmonic friendly environment is an essential key to success.

There is an element of sacrifice present. Whether it will be a loved one, who needs their help or heavy work responsibilities, but the Three of Diamonds are often feel like a martyr. They respond to a call for help with such a degree of readiness and compassion that might come as surprise not just to others who knew them for a while but even to themselves. Once they accept the responsibility of service through love, they will uncover a tremendous spiritual healing power inside themselves.
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