Six Of Spades

Six Of SpadesAll Sixes have a special significance and mission in life. Six is the Double Trinity, - the divine is reflected in the human. Number Six is the number of Soul. It stands for beauty, harmony, order and completion, - the "Law and Order." Having this birthday means that you have a passion for everything being in the right place. You are a natural diplomat who needs involvement with others where you can share you warm charm, intuitive intellect, and a friendly responsibility of well-being of others. If the Six misses inner realization of their definite purpose in life, they may develop selfishness and lack of initiative.

Six Of Spades is the card of "The Law of Life." It has a tremendous potential, that can be fully achieved by following their true plan and the mission - universal love, brotherhood and unfailing good will. Six Of Spades may seem hard and unfeeling. They are constantly tried and tested. They are strong of will and stubborn. They have a gift of intuition.

Mental discipline is a valuable foundation to anything Six Of Spades do in life. The serious part of them is often balanced by social gatherings, parties and entertainments in early years. It seems essential and desirable for a while, but become abandoned with time. They prefer to be with serious and responsible people. Education is important; it is a significant asset in later years.

The Six Of Spades learn easily, and as new doors are opened, their self-confidence develops and they begin to realize that they are not the tools of circumstances, but the directors in their lives. Success is immediate. Benefits come suddenly and should be used wisely. Six Of Spades tend to work on their objectives and can make a fortune, especially when money is not the sole purpose. For all of Six Of Spades, their power is greatly increased by realization that they are instruments of Divine Will. Religion and philosophy must become a vital part of their scientific experiments, artistic inspirations or business methods.

The Six Of Spades are designed for success and leadership. They can be good or bad leaders, but they always intuitively know how to makes things pay and how to control their output. They are leaders in any sphere and are in control of their situation.

For Six Of Spades, intuition is the keynote of their power. If they learn to listen their inner voice, they will reveal to themselves the very things they want to most to know - the causes behind us, the effects we are reaping, and the certainty of persisting and living in an eternity of experience. The development of intuition should take an important place in life.
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