Seven Of Hearts

Seven Of HeartsSeven is the most mystical of all numbers, the hardest to understand or the most beautiful and rewarding influence in anyone's life. On the Tree of Life, the 7th is the Sphere of Victory. Seven is "Perfect" Number, and difficult to live up to this requirement of perfection. Seven is the number of our soul. There are no "young souls" with Seven Birth Card.

You are Seven of Hearts, and you possess much power and strength. They tend to force things and break down anything or even anyone who stays on the way to success. Seven of Hearts is very charming, and people are drawn to them as to a magnet. Seven of Hearts card is called "The Mystic Heart." The ability to understand people hearts and intuitive tune-up with their emotions and feelings can make Seven of Heart's people great talkers and public speakers (if cultivated), great entertainers and enlightening hosts. It also adds an attribute of being over-sensitive and emotional, that they can become suspicious and jealous in personal contacts, and can be an enormous asset in acting professions and theater with your spectacular ability to impersonate different characters.

Seven of Hearts love their home, but also enjoy traveling and a variety of experiences. Sociability and hospitality are natural. They want to live well and enjoy entertaining.

Good education should back Seven of Hearts success in work. It may take them a while until the best type of business is found. Being in a rut is not something they enjoy. Their work should be stimulating, adventurous, and worthy, or they won't stay with it for long. They also need harmony and friendly relationships in the work environment. Cooperation, working in a team, having right partners adds significantly to the success, and the older they get, the need for harmonious partnerships becomes more and more critical.

Most Seven of Hearts are good mathematicians and might be successful in finance and economy. Their desire to become a leader or owner increases with the years, but there is some uncertainty of what course to take. Many Seven of Hearts leave the place they were born and establish a permanent residence at a distance. They like water, ocean and may own the boat. Your golden years are blessed, and even if Seven of Hearts don't become a significant public figure, they gain love and appreciation for things they are doing for others.
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