Seven Of Clubs

Seven of ClubsSeven is the most mystical of all numbers, the hardest to understand or the most beautiful and rewarding influence in anyone's life. On the Tree of Life, the 7th is the Sphere of Victory. Seven is "Perfect" Number, and difficult to live up to this requirement of perfection. Seven is the number of our soul. There are no "young souls" with Seven Birth Card.

Seven of Clubs exact expression can be found in the realm of "inspired knowledge." The plan is to cultivate their great gift of intuition and listen carefully to it. Seven of Clubs have great power behind them - the power that not just gives them an opportunity to exercise right judgments of values, but secures their protection when unfairness is exercised. They often worry about finances, but they can always make good money if they work for it. Many Seven of Clubs do work, but periodically they get into a panic and get into some unwise investment or get-rich-quick scheme that leaves them weaker than ever.

Education is the prime essential. When this is neglected, the accomplishments are problematic. Seven of Clubs should train their minds to be strong, never succumb to the pressure, neither they should accept the discouragement or worry over a multitude of things that never happen.

There is a subconscious urge for spiritual development. The Seven of Clubs keep on seeking religion until they find the faith they can cling to.

There is sometimes scandal and backbiting connecting with this card. Trouble in work usually comes through labor disputes and unreliable employees. It often reacts unfavorably on health and mental confusion. If you are the Seven of Clubs, you must realize that you always can succeed - and succeed significantly - through work and application. Watch out form petty and frivolous associates, psychic experiments, gambling, drink, and careless, thoughtless living.

Seven of Clubs who are live "upright life" have provided themselves with expensive educational foundation, have developed their intuitive power, and have crowned their life with tremendous achievement and success.

Seven of Clubs are opinionated, and often mentally stubborn. They might be competitive rather than cooperative. They like debates on controversial subjects. They want to associate with lawyers, politicians and take the other side of any argument. There might have very supporting and nurturing mother, who stimulated their ambitions and interfering father or older brother interfering their naturally combative spirit. They should be sure of their grounds.

Symbolically, the most significant obstacle to the mystical potential of this card is a preoccupation with material values. Seven of Clubs tend to live an extravagant lifestyle and often have expensive tastes. If not through their efforts, they acquire money through inheritance or marriage. The big challenge is to manage money wisely. The safest financial course is budgeting.
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