Queen Of Diamonds

Queen Of DiamondsQueens represent the spiritual nature of man and the principle of birth. They have the authority equal to that of the Kings, proving that the true rulership is both masculine and feminine. Queens are intuitive, receptive, and cooperative aspect of royalty. They are the true judges. The Queen of Diamonds judges by values.

Creative and smart, the Queen of Diamonds people are agents of ageless wisdom, and so they will be tested at every step of their way. Many greatest philanthropists are the Queen of Diamonds; in the world of art, some of our greatest poets, painters, and musicians contributed their abilities and talents were the Queen Of Diamonds. In the way of spirituality, we will find the Queen of Diamonds teachers and way showers. When the Queen of Diamonds learns the true values, they can live a life they dream of. Until this state of mind is achieved there are many burdens on their way to overcoming.

It is difficult to say, which area in life will be affected the most, but the Queen of Diamonds have enough strength to overcome any problem. As Queens, they belong to the royal family. They may experience indecision and uncertainty about their friends, environment, or themselves. It might be an incompatibility with family that contributes to their discontent. Their restless nature and variety of interests may lead them to change different professions and jobs, or on a contrary the fear of financial insecurity make them stick to one job that doesn't pay as much as they really worth. They need to overcome their worries to achieve success in business.

Queen of Diamonds are generous and will always help their friends and try to provide to their family. They can sacrifice for those they love, and with all these wonderful qualities, they might be stuck in an unhappy marriage until later in life or pursue different partners throughout their life. It might make very little or even no sense to anyone who knows the Queen of Diamonds closely. But all these "inconveniences" in life are there to achieve freedom and initialization to the higher wisdom and power. Their life can be seen as the marsh through material values toward wealth and security of this world, but they achieve their true destination only by understanding, that money is just a minimal part of values there is. Money can't buy you love, true happiness and by itself will never bring satisfaction.
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