Queen Of Clubs

Queen of ClubsThe Queen of Clubs is the card of high intuition, knowledge and mental balance. The Queen of Clubs represents the receptive principle of man's spiritual nature. They are not students in this life. They have close contact with higher forces of Intelligence spirituality expressed in balance, wisdom, and logic. They don't formulate judgments with emotions but instead use their brain.

The application of inherited knowledge can be a great asset to any work or service Queen Of Clubs participates in. They work hard and don't like laziness, ignorance and mental handicaps of others. The Queen of Clubs wants complete freedom of action and will not take any interference. It might affect their personal life in a significant way. An uncertainty in love measures can turn them away from the married experience, especially for women. However, Queen of Clubs also symbolizes Mary, Mother of Jesus.

Intuitively, Queen of Clubs is always ahead of their time. They are intuitive, creative, inventive and inspirational, always a part of scientific progress, intelligence and often see beyond the veil that has long hidden the truth.

People are often drawn to the Queen of Clubs for advice and assistance. There is a need to cultivate tolerance and be more patient with those who are not as advanced and progressive. Queen Of Clubs can be impatient and might be tempted to rule through the weight of their crown than through their authority of wisdom and ability.

Queen of Clubs' natural brightness must make itself evident at an early age. If not, it is only from a lack of interest. In any case, they are better to avoid to take success for granted. If they want to continue to succeed in life, self-discipline is vital. Many Queens of Clubs seek an early marriage as a way to independence. If not, they may not marry for a long time until later in life. The best partner for them is a person with a wide variety of interests, the one who can cope with their restless nature. Otherwise, they will get bored very fast. People often drop their problems on Queen of Clubs' lap, and it might be not easy to say "No."

With many talents and abilities, it is not a problem to make money, but the Queen Of Clubs must master their ability to manage it well. They are often impulsive in making financial decisions, so being responsible and not worrying much about money matters is the best way to deal with situations. They always want to own home. In finances, real-estate and other ventures it is more critical for them to use their practical intellect rather than intuition.
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