Nine Of Diamonds

Nine Of DiamondsNine is universal, all-containing symbol. It is the end and the beginning. Their adventurous, often impulsive nature will attract them to a wide variety of interests and people, and it is their mind that finds their greatest fulfillment or disappointments. All Nines birthdays have tremendous pull of knowledge, and if they are willing to serve people by sharing their knowledge, surrender ego, Nines will truly find a life of happiness and satisfaction. The Nine has all that takes to realize their high destiny.

There seems to be no middle for Nine of Diamonds; they are either philanthropic, generous, and protective toward others or live selfishly, lonely life, dissatisfied with an inability to make money they desire.

There are no weak Nine of Diamonds, but there is often a chance of being dominated in their early life. If it occurs, once the tie is broken, they may become domineering themselves - to "get even." Nine of Diamonds are usually aggressive and self-insistent. They want to think and act for themselves - and should - but fear they may not be able to, unless they demand it.

Nine of Diamonds are designed for success. While they tend to be generous and to give, they never forget to protect themselves. Those who are spiritually developed and naturally follow the law of Nine, to give themselves to others, have a few obstacles to overcome.

Nine of Diamonds is more difficult card for a woman, because they are always struggling with their personality card - Queen of Diamonds, and Queen of Diamonds has a difficult life path. Men Nine Of Diamonds are apt to marry women who cause them worry, cost them money, or fails to give satisfaction.

Nine of Diamonds are impatient, and are interested in things that move fast which makes them subject to accidents. They often choose and well adapted to work in charitable organizations. The less they concentrate on their security, the better.

Nine of Diamonds seek information through communication with others. They are in need of companions to gain ideas and attracted to the intellectual side of people rather than physical beauty.

They want association with people in positions of power and authority: judges, military men, politicians. They fear the law and seek protection. Women like men of high rank. They can take care of themselves, but feel safer if they know someone who will help if they get into trouble.

At some period in life they are likely to handle the considerable amount of money, and can make it. In order to manage it wisely, it is better for them to have a business manager or partner who manages the finances.

Nine of Diamonds enjoy practically any work that pays and always demand adequate return for their services. They are usually well-liked in work associations and have a great skill in dealing with employees and groups of people. They can make successful real estate agents.
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