Nine Of Clubs

Nine of ClubsNine is universal, all-containing symbol. It is the end and the beginning. They are adventurous, often impulsive nature will attract them to a wide variety of interests and people, and it is their mind that finds their greatest fulfillment or disappointments. All Nines birthdays have the tremendous pull of knowledge, and if they are willing to serve people by sharing their experience, surrender ego, Nines will indeed find a life of happiness and satisfaction. The Nine has all that takes to realize their high destiny.

Nine of Club people have warm and friendly personalities and a good sense of responsibility and obligations. They keep promises and pay debts.

Nine of Clubs is an adventurer's card. They are willing to take a chance just out of curiosity or interest. They like extreme sports and activities. They take risks and gamble. Interest might be developed in military affairs, forms of governments, politics, welfare movements, etc. As Nine of Clubs, they must promote independence and learn how to rule their life.

Nine of Clubs have enormous power to heal themselves. Any illness is usually due to nerves, emotions, and imagination, and entirely in their control. Once they realize this ability, it will be difficult to break up. From this perspective, as a doctor, nurse or working with sick people, they can be assured of an excellent income.

Home and family is paramount to Nine of Clubs. They need love and want to be loved. They usually desire to establish relationships with one person, but sometimes people they meet aren't the best. Very emotional and extremely sensitive, many Nine Of Clubs develop over-dependence and can be easily hurt in close relationships. Their fear of losing loved ones may turn into worry and sometimes into obsession and jealousy.

Work may not be securely established before thirty-six. When it is, Nine of Clubs are contented and freed from uncertainty. They desire to help others and successful in dealing with organizations. They are more comfortable to work in partnerships than to be the boss. They make great reliable directors of the affair of others. They usually know how to handle other's finances and enterprises. If they choose to make their own business, they benefit from foreigners and foreign countries. They also may develop extrasensory perception if they work on it.

Laziness and tendency might overthrow excellent mental qualities of Nine of Clubs to self-indulgence. Children might expose some issues, so many times Nine if Clubs, especially men, choose not to have children on their own. Nine of Clubs mission can be fulfilled in serving people with their knowledge. They are energetic and sociable. Many Nine of Clubs men are very passionate, and women find them attractive. Many actors are associated with this card.
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