Jack Of Clubs

Jack of ClubsAll Jacks correspond to number 11. By some called the number of Evil because it transcended the number of commandments, and did not attain 12, the number of Grace and perfection. History and experience refuse its stigma. Number 11 is the most priceless gift of God. It is a man (1) beside God (10). Jacks are sons of the Kings. They carry great responsibility, and the disposal of their lives rests entirely on their decision. They represent the mental attitudes of any suit, and of course, our mental attitudes are entirely within our control. We can rule them and win the crown, or we may consign them to every wind that blows and struggle in a state of immaturity as long as we live.

The Jack of Clubs wins their crown through the spoken word. This card is also called the card of Memory. As a rule, people who born Jack of Clubs have this gift to an extraordinary degree. They store in them such a tremendous wealth of knowledge they naturally turn into teaching, writing, or speaking. They give out sincerely, and they are always rewarded greatly.

The Jack of Clubs is also the card of the future. It is a symbol of the state to which our race is evolving. For that reason, the present manifestation is often neutral. Many of the women Jack of Clubs fail to marry. Most of them have masculine minds and habits of life.

The best kind of work for Jack of Clubs is in the mental field. They must express themselves, or they suffer. They have a terrific drive to give out and to keep learning more and more. It is a tragic thing when Jack of Clubs is deprived of a good education. They will add to the knowledge, no matter what problems they must overcome, but a good educational background is a great help.

The Jack of Clubs is talented, intellectual and enthusiastic. They can succeed in occupations that involve contacts. People are exceedingly crucial as outlets for their abilities and as companions to fill the gap in their loneliness. They are often skeptical and shifting in beliefs. They can put their knowledge to work for them, or they can live by their wits.

Even though the money can seem to be the root of many of Jack of Clubs problems, people born Jack of Clubs can rise to the top of just any profession or activity they choose. Willingness to assume the responsibility of authority could prove the entree to their fortune. Work and well-balanced way of life can achieve financial stability.

The best years of Jack of Clubs come after forty-two. Money can be provided by inheritance, insurance, or the fruits of their past efforts. Any foreign interests are successful.
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