Four of Spades

Four of SpadesOut of all birthday, Four (4) are among the most fortunate. It gives them a wonderful start - with protection, security, sufficiency, but like with any other card how we use our potential is what creates our success in life. Four of Spades are builders and foundation of Wisdom. Four is also a number of the Emperor. Fours must be in command of every situation that arises. They are dealing with practical applications of knowledge, and they the power to glorify it.

Being Four Of Spades means to be one of the most fortunate cards in the deck! Four of Spades combines the most treasured qualities we enjoy in life - good health, talent, and just plain luck. That will include a significant amount of efforts on their part, but the amount of success and prestige it brings is well worth it. Working in large enterprises and organizations is very beneficial. They enjoy working in a good team.

Four of Spades are independent thinkers. Don't try to persuade them to any course, because they are ones who know what to do. They are their critics and guides. Once they learn who they are - there is no interference from anything or anyone they will accept. Four of Spades can learn and apply their knowledge very well to any work. Through work, completeness and satisfaction can be attained, and all Four of Spades know that it takes a constant application to keep the success in hands.

Four of Spades are very social. Often, they are raised in a good-hearted family and cultivate the ability to keep contacts that become the critical factor in the future success. They naturally gravitate to people of wealth and good background. Even ambitions for a good marriage can be a part of the quest for security and prestige.

For the Four of Spades, there is no indication of having any problems for extended periods. It doesn't mean however that there will be no problems at all. All Sixes will be tested through their lives on awareness of their destiny in Spades - to work with hands and hearts and minds, for the WISDOM that is God.



Four represents Enclosure, Completion, Foundation. It is symbol of Earth, the 4th element. Fours are here to build a firm foundation, to labor with concentration and secure the right to work out their patterns of freedom from any obstacles - poverty, heartache and failure. Fours are very down-to-earth, good grounded people. Four is associated with home, stability, security, contentment, a good supply of things needed in life. Protection is Four's birth right. All dreams will be fulfilled, if the Four is willing to work for things in his or her life. Security is another keyword for number Four. Building a perfect secure environment, at work or at home is the natural desire of all Fours. Four's perseverance applied to job to be done, or gaining their objectives, organizational skills and productivity make Fours most of the beneficial people in the community. Fours are very detailed and organized, and might appear too stubborn and overly critical to someone with a perceiving personality. The qualities of number 4 can be best described as a "Judgmental" personality type in psychology.


Each suit represents one of our stages of life. Spades correspond with an older age, a Winter season and the element Earth. Spades will have this look of wisdom on their faces. As a higher and the most powerful suit of all, Spades overlook life with a position of authority. Emotions, intellectual games and evaluation of things do not excite them as much as willpower and wisdom. Spades stand for Labor and Higher Wisdom. Spades want to find the Truth. A suit of extremes, on a higher side Spades are spiritual giants. In life, they work hard for something that they believe worth it. They want to get the job done and take a pride in the quality of the end product. Spades will not allow anyone to be in control of their life. With a tremendous potential of willpower, they are the ones who can accept responsibilities and work through any issues to a successful completion. If the person who is identified with Spades understands his or her true potential - the keys to the infinite wisdom, they find happiness and the greatest satisfaction of all. Spades rule 49 birthdays. The ruling planets are Saturn and Uranus.

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