Five Of Spades

Five Of SpadesNumber 5 is often thought as a number of changes, restlessness and inner dissatisfaction, but in Five Of Spades it works entirely different way. They are rarely dissatisfied or urging too much personal freedom. They primarily want the change for the sake of improvement - not only to themselves, but for people they love. Five of Spades are loyal and often love deeply and permanently. Usually those who they love bring anxiety and heartaches, but for Five of Spades no sacrifice is too big. They often witness suffering and hardship, and willing to love and help.

The personal restless is mostly spiritual. Five of Spades are on their way to initiation. Either they realize this part of themselves or not, and they still have this urge for soul growth. Many of them are active members of religious organizations.

Five of Spades are often required to travel for business or health. Their occupation can also be connected to medicine and hospitals, government, diplomacy, secret service, bureaus, etc. They can benefit greatly from foreigners and foreign interests, publication, extensive distribution. Work best in partnership, and often let their partner to take the lead. Friendly cooperation is ideal, but they often suffer from disloyalty of friends.

Some sacrifices must be needed in order to get good education. Often limited family finances can force them to earning before the school is finished. They have the card of "Christ" in their life spread. It is a card of love. Whatever they need to sacrifice in their childhood or later in marriage doesn't meet a rebellion of their side.

Many Fives of Spades have attraction for the occult and psychic. They have intuitive power and should cultivate it.

In personal life, early marriage may bring disappointment; your spouse can be found untrue to you, but marriages made after 40 can be very beneficial in personal and business sense.

Watch Out: Lawsuits are better settled outside the courtroom.
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