Five Of Hearts

Five of HeartsFives represent Changes, Variety, Opportunity, Travel, Escape and fluctuating Life Experience. The Five of Hearts are restless emotionally and don't want to be bound by anyone and anything.

Charming and versatile, the Five of Hearts seeks new experiences and new opportunities in life. They can be very successful in all sorts of people related activities.

There is a conflict between your emotions and your common sense. You need to practice control and conserve your energy. Do not go to extremes in pursuit of your ideals. Emotional dissatisfaction arises when you dwell on the past. Disappointments, sorrow, and loss happen when you stubbornly cling to old ways that have outlived their usefulness. The fulfillment will not be found by getting involved in a series of emotional experiences. No person can satisfy your quest for a perfect blend of love and financial security. You have a restless heart, but all answers you are looking for are within you.

There is no weakness in this card and no lack of intelligence. But nothing is given to the Five of Hearts person for free. They must work hard to make a living, and it interferes with their desire to travel and experience life.

They usually feel detached from their family, and later bring this feeling to their relationships. They might have a series of vacation crushes, and even when they are committed, they may begin to look around for a means of escape. Of all four number Fives, the Five of Hearts is the edgiest. The quest for the new experiences can be satisfied by traveling and visiting different countries. It often involves many changes of heart. Some stay with one partner for a long time, but once a particular experience is fulfilled, and "subject" is thoroughly studied, they move forward without hesitation.

For many Five of Hearts, it is very beneficent to stay married and take responsibility for their family. Then they partially inherit a more comfortable and more prosperous life path of their personality cards - the Queen or the King of Hearts.
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