Eight Of Hearts

Eight of HeartsThe Number Eight is the symbol of Power. People whose birthday associated with number Eight are very fortunate. They have the power to shape their destiny, expand in any direction. They are the first free number and first to have free will and ability to do whatever they want. The power is always with them. They may turn this power to evil, but they are free. They reflect the God's plan, but it does not bind them.

Eight Of Hearts have the power of love and grace. They can win love and friendship, harmonize their lives, increase their resources through Love - Personal, Universal, and Divine. Their understanding of "love" will transfer into the power. If love for them stands as a symbol of sex, their emotions will drive them to pursue one relationship after another. If they accept the responsibility and merge it with genetic idealism, they will find the real power of love. They will use their charm and love to overcome any difficulties in relationships, to heal people and help others, to bring harmony and peace where there are disagreements and conflicts. Eight Of Hearts can choose to act childish and spoiled, or most generously and friendly. They are food in public relations, and themselves have good interpersonal relationships. They value staff harmony and want an organization to run smoothly and pleasantly, making every effort to contribute to that end.

Many Eight of Clubs are directly called to the development of spiritual perception and the extraordinary potential. They are idealistic in love. Their ideals are so high and exacting that they rarely meet, and when they are, briefly. Disillusion steps in and breaks relationships, or, as death causes separation. Eight of Hearts must learn that there is no death, and therefore there no separation but a long journey. All Eight of Hearts must love and want to be loved. They never lack friends and admirers and often become an object of jealousy or contention. Through wisdom, they are overcoming.

Eight of Hearts are lucky to have three cards in the crown line - proving that the real benefits come from on high. Power is given to applying what they know. They must work hard to be financially successful, and they usually achieve their objectives. Working in the health field brings success. They have the great ability to control others and work best in large companies. If drawn to a religious career, make the missionaries, medical or spiritual, especially in the foreign field. Maybe sponsors of religious movements or institutions.
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