Eight Of Diamonds

Eight of DiamondsIn old metaphysical studies, the number Eight is associated with Saturn - father, and superstitiously counted as a symbol of Evil. Number Eight is made of two circles - one for a man and one - for God. Together these two circles create the symbol of infinity. Today we know, that 8 is the number of the Sun (and therefore the God), and that Saturn is not the embodiment of evil.

Eight of Diamonds have the freedom of choice in the highest degree. They can choose any destiny they want and be as great as they want. Their birth card is probably the most successful cards of all. Eight of Diamonds are very independent, at times domineering and exacting. They are active and willing to work while being unremarkably conscious of their position of rulership. They are true leaders who usually find themselves in the position of authority in any chosen field.

Values naturally direct the Eight of Diamonds, and they know exactly what things and people worth. In all cases, their great power is used or misused. They can be philanthropic or misers, universal-minded or self-servers. They manifest the creative principle, closely associated with the resurrection and the certainty of rebirth. Theirs is the ability to conquer all enemies and to overcome all obstacles. They are usually aware of their high role and responsibility and willing to take it to the full extent. People naturally trust them, and for a reason - Eight of Diamonds are the best guardians and wise conserve of values. They serve honestly and faithfully, often at their own expense.

Children born the Eight of Diamonds should be raised carefully, given soft guidance and spiritual foundation. These kids are determined and will rebel against strict rules and unfair formalities. Developing spirituality and high principles are mandatory. Otherwise, they can become bullies, and grow into ruthless dictators. The main pitfall of the Eight Of Diamonds - love of power and love of money that enhances it. They may be thrown completely out of balance by worshiping the golden calf. This can bring them success, but separate them from friends and love, they so desperately need. Their place is already high, and they have the strength to keep up with it.

All opportunities in life are at their feet. Their achievements depend only on heights they impose on themselves. Many presidents and kings of all times are born under this card influence. They can be financial magnates, kings of industry, but this is not essential to fulfilling their destiny. They make great teachers, great parents, or good professional - anywhere they go, they will be recognized and respected. Right or wrong, they are usually leaders.

The Eight of Diamonds have a strong desire for knowledge and the realization that the knowledge itself is the power. They are passionate debaters and learn greatly from a good argument with powerful opponents. They want others viewpoints and love to draw them out.

Eight of Diamonds benefit from women who are intelligent, clever in business and career-minded on their own. They are themselves positive thinkers and happier in the cheerful and pleasant environment.

In personal life, the Eight of Diamonds have a difficult time to choose a mate and can have two love affairs at the same time. They search for diversion, but they need approval and understanding. Those who bring out the best of them can straighten them up for life.
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