Eight Of Clubs

Eight of ClubsIn old metaphysical studies, the number Eight was associated with Saturn - father, and superstitiously counted as a symbol of Evil. Number Eight is made of two circles - one for a man and one - for God. Together these two circles create the symbol of infinity. Today we know, that 8 is the number of the Sun ( and therefore the God), and that Saturn is not the embodiment of evil.

The Number Eight (8) is a symbol of Power. People with the birthday associated with number Eight can expand in any direction. They are the first free number and first to have free will and ability to do whatever they want. The power is always with them. They may turn this power to evil, but they are free. They reflect the God's plan, but it does not bind them.

Eight of Clubs have the power to acquire knowledge and the obligation to share it and spread it. If they do not learn and teach, they can not fulfill their mission in life. They must "add knowledge to their faith."

If you are born under this card's influence, you must know the significance of this your unique and incredible position in life. Eight of Clubs is one of three cards of the deck that never change its birthplace. They are one of the three "fixed' cards and have a very close association with King of Spades (the king of wisdom) and Jack of Hearts (universal love). Is some way Eight of Clubs allied with the knowledge and the power of love and sacrifice.

The Eight of Clubs children are extremely sensitive and need distinctive attention. Their psychic power is extreme and unless the great care is taken for protection, can become fields of a possible invasion. They should always strive for mental balance and not allow their emotions, their fixed ideas, or their tendency to affectionate temperament to dominate them. The mixture of psychological strength, spiritual awareness, psychic power, and powerful emotions is sometimes too much to handle.

Eight of Clubs is one of the most fortunate cards. They born into success; they attract money, but rarely expose the desire for extreme wealth. They have good judgment in making investments. They are successful in any field they choose. They make high executives and reach the top of the area in any profession. They know how to manage money and usually keep enough funds for an emergency.

Eight of Clubs are not ambitious. They can overcome any difficulties or health problems. They can heal and handle neurotic and mental patients, and that can make them the best psychiatrists. They can overcome any illness through connection to a higher plane, and they possess the power of recuperation.

Eight of Clubs are very sociable and friendly. Personal contacts are often successful and beneficial. They work great in the warm environment. They will not remain in an atmosphere that is not mentally favorable. They usually marry someone who agrees with their fundamental principles and equal in intelligence. They like to join study groups or take courses in higher education or spiritual subjects. Learn quickly and become teachers themselves.
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