Ten Of Hearts

Ten of HeartsTens are called "Success" Cards - Fully Accomplished. Pythagoreans say that the number Ten represents Deity, Heaven, Eternity, and the Sun. Ten starts a new cycle - the cycle of man's Aspiration. Ten of Hearts attain success and overcome pitfalls by the power of love.

Ten Of Hearts are independent enough not to be bothered by what others feel or think about them. Their power of love is impersonal. They don't have to be personally involved in human relationships and can operate as they pleased, naturally sympathetic, and understanding. For Ten of Hearts who are living positively, there is no denial of love and warmth in relationships, or of emotional satisfaction for themselves. On the contrary side, there might be too much drive for power and recognition, which all personal life is lost in the conflict, and the result is coldness and loneliness. Ten of Hearts is a free number. They can follow God's plan, but not bound by it. This birth card has an incredible ability to release the initiative for the creation, recognition, and accomplishment of individual growth.

Ten of Hearts are fortunate in finances. They can make a significant fortune quickly, and there is always the possibility of inheritance. Most Ten of Hears are raised in pleasant surroundings, with an excellent opportunity for education and culture. Women may marry with money in mind, and they make every effort to contribute to the success of their husbands.

Ten Of Hearts prefer to have friends with interesting and intelligent ideas. They want to be popular, especially with the opposite sex. They are great hosts, and never best when alone. There is always a sense of leadership and initiative, but they can gracefully step aside if their policies are no accepted, even they like their ideas to be unquestioned. Ten of Hearts is ambitious and keep their reputation and pride in place. They can listen, and if you want to share your darkest secrets with someone, there is no better person as someone with Ten Of Hearts birth card.

Any place they can use their exceptional communication skills - success is guaranteed. Ten Of Hearts can make successful physicians, nurses, and executives in the doctor's office. They are sympathetic but like to be fully paid for their services. Very original by themselves they are open to new ideas.

The primary personality trait of Ten of Hearts is their independence, and they never accept too much responsibility in relationships, but women are more ready to compromise their power to harmonious relations than men. They are not a "drama" people, and when something doesn't go well in their love life, they are not going to make a tragedy out of it. They might miss the "grand passion," but for Ten Of Hearts, the achievement of great heights doesn't worth the fall to the depths. And so, many Ten of Hearts may appear distant and cold - they know all there is about love more than anyone else, and they prefer to stay with reason and logic. Clear thinking and constructiveness will form the basis for all efforts for accomplishment.
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