King Of Spades

King Of SpadesKing of Spades is a Crown authority of Wisdom and Mastery. They are born on the first day of the year, the top card in the deck. King of Spades represents the ultimate spiritual energy and wisdom. The recognition of this highest potential and directing their powers into constructive expression can be the toughest call. Natural leaders with no limits to what can be accomplished, most King of Spades stay in the shade of life.

Some of King of Spades people are big enough to meet their opportunities. Through suffering and the hard road to wisdom, they make it to the final: Rulership. They have a power because they have earned it. They usually don't talk much about it, remaining mystery to the rest of the world. Because they don't brag, they are often not recognized, and because they are preachers and teachers of the great truths of the resurrection, rebirth, and eternal life, they are called fanatics.

When these Spades have reached the King stage, it matters not at all to them what they are called or how they are treated. The King Of Spades has no alternate; he is fixed and unmovable, free to move to any position in life to be more efficient, and never separated from his great wisdom or high crown.

Desire for love combined with uncertainty and indecision in personal affairs create a life-long emotional conflict, always disturbing to the required regulation of mental attitudes. If marriage is not entered into early in life, there are likely to be no marriage at all.

Many King of Spades remain in the world and very much of it. They are ambitious, self-protective, capable of living and enjoying life to the fullest. They may not go far in terms of their high calling, but they manage to leave an imprint in their chosen line and seldom sink to lowness or meanness or deliberate evil.

If you meet someone born on January 1st, we shall be wise. Indeed if we get all instructions he is willing to give us. We are on holy ground.
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