Four Of Diamonds

Four Of DiamondsOut of all birthday, Fours are among the most fortunate. It gives them a wonderful start - with protection, security, sufficiency, but like with any other card how we use our potential is what creates our success in life. Four of Diamonds are builders and foundation of Values. Four is also a number of the Emperor. Fours must be in command of every situation that arises. Four of Diamonds are to build on Values that are everlasting.

The importance of work is especially true to the Four of Diamonds. They have an inherent protection, power and success - but these are potentials; they do not become actualities until efforts to earn money and then keep made. But those will be easy to take when a person realizes that these efforts bring them success. It doesn't mean that earnings come strictly from clerical or managerial job. A women Four Of Diamonds, for example, may marry a wealthy man, but if she want to have any freedom of her own, she must earn it. The husband might be difficult; running a house may be burdensome, but she must work at it if she hopes to profit by what doesn't belong to her. It is often a heavy price to pay for financial freedom - especially with a common for Four Of Diamonds call to the personal variety.

This card favors more men than women. Women should avoid their personality card - Queen of Diamonds because it will worsen their life. They should avoid to depend upon their charm and femininity to get them by - not to seek to evade work. Four Of Diamonds have the great capacity to make financial success.

Four Of Diamonds attract companionship in everything from childhood play to adult responsibilities. They benefit from cooperative activities and often involved with agreements, messages, communications, letters and phone calls. They make many friends in some group activity - often religious. They usually have no problem in attracting romantic opportunities, but restless combined with the fear of being tied down often make them wary of marriage.

There is a big chance of burdens through emotional involvement with someone who is much older or younger. Their life has some strong karma, and there might be destined relationships, one from which they may still have much to learn. But even the most difficult relationships may prove to bring the most valuable learning experience.

The Four of Diamonds can become outstanding leaders or teachers. They have a valuable intuitional gift. If it is cultivated, they can depend on its guidance. The latter years are apt to be more financially protected. If they retire, they will feel happier if they remain active.
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