Ten Of Spades

Ten Of SpadesThe Ten of Spades have a spectacular potential for success! If they didn't realize their gift just yet, they must know - Ten is the best number that holds the knowledge of all numbers below and in case of Spades, Ten of Spades understand the value of love, knowledge, finances and work. As a Spade - the highest suit of the deck, they are not students of life. They are able to lead and teach others to become better. But for Ten Of Spades personally, they represent the success through work and recognition in carrier. The key to success lies in your awareness - and this sometime can be the most difficult part of Ten Of Spades destiny. They shouldn't sell themselves less than they worth - all Ten Of Spades have been given enough protection and abilities to achieve anything they want in their work and career.

One thing that can bother the Ten of Spades is this feeling of lack of security in their home and marriage. Often, their work and home is closely associated, and may interfere with each other. Many Ten of Spades decide to run business from their home, where they constantly get interrupted by family members. Or they can get involved in some secret work, and if so, it will get them to the great heights in the Intelligence Department. If they are aware of their deep need in development, there is nothing that can stand on their way to success. Otherwise, people associated with Ten of Spades can waste their time and gifts just to get by. In any case, secrecy of some sort is present - it might be a secret marriage, an undercover job or secret affairs.

Ten Of Spades are very responsible in financial matters, and inclined to help anyone who comes to them for financial aid. They have an excellent deal of personal charm and magnetism, which can be extremely useful in any public affairs. They must watch out for worries, and don't over-react to problems, keeping positive attitude, otherwise an emotional attitude in money matters can affect their health.

If Ten of Spades people are interested in psychology, mysteries and science, they are lucky. They are holding the keys to all secrets in Universe, and when unlocked, they'll find themselves in the highest position of the deck - the King of Spades - holder of large enterprises, corporations and secret organizations.

What is helpful in all activities in life, is the stable mentality and ability to hold "peace of mind." Ten Of Spades know very well how to organize their ideas and use it constructively to build, protect themselves and others, and succeed in life.
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