Ten Of Clubs

Ten of ClubsTens are called "Success" Cards - Fully Accomplished. Pythagoreans say that the number Ten represents Deity, Heaven, Eternity, and the Sun. Ten starts a new cycle - the cycle of man's Aspiration. Ten of Clubs find their success in the mental field and secure it by sharing their knowledge.

Ten of Clubs is the first card in the Crown line. It holds a tremendous potential along with talent and leadership, which suggests that people born under the Ten Of Clubs birth card can become successful in just about anything they put their mind to. Their effort may win them worldly acclaim. The Ten Of Clubs high position places them above traditional concepts and lifestyles and gives them freedom of being anyone and anything they want. Applying personal discipline opens up beautiful possibilities represented by this birth card.

Ten Of Clubs are often A-grade students and can excel in any study. But they also learn early that freedom of action is brought to people through the wealth and their position in life. Whatever childhood circumstances are, they are to help the Ten of Clubs person to develop a correct sense of values, to establish the right attitude toward money and its proper use. This sense of values makes Ten of Clubs a tendency to associate with successful people and people in high rank throughout their entire life. The Ten of Clubs is a Crown Card. Ten Of Clubs people are intelligent and smart, and they respect the value of intelligence and mental superiority in others.

Ten of Clubs are very sensitive to public opinion, fear criticism and disapproval. There is often a lack of self-confidence, but there is no good reason for it. Once they realize their true power and their most significant asset - and that is knowledge - they find true happiness.

There is always the power to make money unless they don't put enough efforts into it. Ten of Clubs natives have great intuition and should use it in choosing the most suitable line of work. The greatest success lies in the mental field. Sometimes called a "Teacher" card, Ten Of Clubs have a tremendous pool of knowledge, and sharing it with others can bring great satisfaction into their lives. If the knowledge is applied to high motives, their need is supplied from the "Limitless Substance." There is seldom any lack of supply.
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