Three Of Spades

Three Of SpadesAll Threes inhibit the creative drive that seeks expression. The number 3 departures from the Number 2 - the source of balance and harmony, and so it's always looking to find this balance in creating something new. There is an urge in self-expression and variety. Three of Spades suggests the necessity to make important decisions especially associated with work and their life purpose. With many interests and associates people who are born Three of Spades are likely to be pulled in many directions. The main thing is the willingness to stop and analyze, to harmonize with the environment and take the responsibility. Quick decisions are not going to make life better. Once Three of Spades have made their mind up, they have enough inherited tenacity to abide by the decision.

The Three of Spades has a great deal of personal magnetism and charm which can also add to disappointments in love in their early years. There is a tendency to mix the love and money, and learning how to separate business from emotions is the key to financial success.

Three of Spades are not into strict discipline at work. Creative and clever, they prefer more freedom, travel and changes, anything that can provide variety and action. They might be interested in distant transactions. Business competitors bring changes and shifts of policy, causing fluctuations of income. The key to Three of Spade's fortune is in the application of self-mastery. They usually realize how much they can contribute to the partnerships and work in their thirties. Associations with women are very beneficial business and career-wise.

Three of Spades have no easy life path. They can choose the way to success through hard work and responsibility, or may prefer to stay in a rut. Three of Spades that are willing to take responsibilities seriously will reward in harmony, love, and beauty. They might experience inner insecurity toward finances, but they have good protection if they make the right decisions about values.

For Three of Spades, it is essential to keep up healthy lifestyle and diet. Otherwise, health may become a significant issue. They do not trust so much in traditional medicine, and they heal better using natural methods and physiotherapy rather than drugs.
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